At least 100 handcrafting steps to complete; the materials Shun uses are among the most advanced in the industry.  Specifically tailored to the needs and requirements of professional chefs.

The layered Damascus cladding supports the core and provides additional stain resistance. Near the edge of the blade, where the steels meet, an undulating line is formed—similar to the hamon formed when samurai swords are tempered using a traditional clay-baking technique.

The hammered tsuchime finish acts like a series of hollowground cavities to reduce drag. 



Each hand sharpened 16° double-bevel blade (32° comprehensive) blade has a cutting core of Shun's proprietary VG-MAX “super steel” with 34 layers each side of stainless Damascus cladding to take and hold a precision edge.


The Contoured walnut PakkaWood® handles nestle comfortably in the hand, while the embossed end cap adds balance and beauty. High quality resins added to a medium brown, grained walnut wood make the material particularly robust and resistant to moisture. Its round shape ensures a comfortable and secure grip when cutting and allows the knife to be ambidextrous used by Left Handed and Right Handed users. The integrated tang provides stability and balance.