Knife caring and maintaining

Knife caring and maintaining

November 20, 2017

Knife caring and maintaining


 Knife is the most basic tool for chefs. First thing we learned to become a chef was how to use knife. I am sure every chef use knife quite well, but what about at knife caring? Did you learn properly and even if you learned, now are you caring your knives right? for sure?


 Personally, I’ve never seen a chef putting his knife into the dishwasher. But I’ve heard many story that some chefs love dishwasher. (Please don’t ever say you use dishwasher as a cooking tool such as a warmer or heater)


 Today, I am going to write about general knife caring for chefs. Let’s start!

First, pick a right knife

 Use right type of knife for each task. Do not use the knife to the other purpose. For example, using gyuto(chef’s knife) as a cleaver or using yanagiba(sashimi knife) to cut a hard vegetable, using paring knife to cut a portion of frozen meat or bone. 

And using a knife to check core temperature of food in the oven or deep fryer.

I know most of chefs do this, but don’t do with your fancy knife.

Secondly, washing

 As I mentioned above, do not ever use dishwasher. Wash with soft sponge and mild soap not the commercial grade strong chemical like oven cleaner or oil remover. And don’t submerge your knife in water any length of time. water eventually rust your knife! Also the handle may warp and crack.

Thirdly, drying

 After wash your knife, dry it straight up to prevent rusting and germs. Use dry towel and make it fully dry before you store it. Be careful when you dry it. Don’t cut yourself.

Fourthly, storage

 Store your knives in a safe area. Knife block, magnetic rail, drawer or knife bag. Make sure cover each blade with a protective sheath(saya) or even thick paper. And keep out of reach of children. Always safety is first!

Lastly, maintenance

 Occasionally oli the blade and  the wood handle. Especially, carbon steel knives.

 Many modern knives have laminated handle. so it’s not necessary for the handle but, still it gives you the best knives condition. Use grapeseed oil. Other oils can be sticky and smelly. Once a month would be great.

 And Keep your knives sharpen. If you think you do not know how to use sharpening stone perfectly, get your knives sharpened professionally at a local knife shop. Pay around $10~40 per knife but you can ask how to use whetstone properly and might can have a chance to learn. After learned, you need to practice of course.

 Maintaining is lot more important than buying knives. No matter how fancy knife you have, as long as you do not maintain and caring, it is gonna be a piece of dull and rusty steel.