Food nutrition - (2) PROTEINS
February 28, 2018

Food nutrition - (2) PROTEINS

What are proteins?

Proteins are the basic units that are found in all cells in our bodies. Proteins make up the majority of bones and muscles. They are found mainly in meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, grains, beans, peas, are made up of chains of amino acids. There are about 20 different amino acids we get from food.

What does protein do in our body?


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January 31, 2018

Food nutrition - (1) CARBOHYDRATES

The food what we eat has huge impact on our health. It can make us healthy or sick. A balanced diet help us our body function properly, boosts immune system. On the other hand, poor meals can not provide proper nutritions, can not recover the damaged cells and tissues and it leads to in weak and sick. Without the vital nutrients cellular health and therefore general health is adversely affected because cells that function inefficiently result in low energy levels, premature aging, and disease.

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January 11, 2018

Types of kitchen knife, Japanese knife

For chefs, kitchen knives are the most closest and the most useful tool. Some people said “Knife is an extension of the chef’s arm.

Today, let’s have a look at knife types. What types of knives, and how each type is used. As well as types of Japanese knives that some chefs feel unfamiliar.




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