Masamoto Blue#2 Hongasumi Yanagiba knife 270mm

  • Material : Aogami(Blue steel #2) : non-stainless
  • HRC : 63 ~ 64
  • Blade : Single edge
  • Handle : Magnolia wood, Water buffalo horn bolster
  • Feature : Right handed
  • Blade length : 270mm


    Masamoto Hongasumi blue steel knives are made of highly refined Japanese carbon steel and soft iron forged together.

    The carbon steel forms the cutting edge and the soft iron forms the blade’s body and spine.
    The back of the blade is engraved with  “青鋼” (Blue steel).
    Blue steel of chromium and tungsten added to white steel gives much higher wear resistance and longer edge holding.
    The knife is entirely hand-made and finished.


    What is Hongasumi Knives?

     Hongasumi knives are constructed in the same way as Kasumi knives. However, the quality of steel used is often higher, and more processes and work are required for its construction than Kasumi knives.


     Each knife has different color of the bolster because it is from all natural.