Captain Stag Cast Iron Meat Press

  • Material : Cast Iron
  • Handle : Iron(baked)
  • Size : 17cm(D) x 8.5cm(H)
  • Weight : 1.2kg
  • Type of edge : partially serrated
  • Feature : right-handed
  • De-mountable

The grill mark is the grilled texture on the steak.
With a good grill mark, the BBQ looks more delicious.
You can cook deliciously at home using a frying pan!
It suppresses the warping of meat and makes the surface crispy.
Can also be used as a lid for skillet 16 cm.
[Seasoning (break-in)]
1, wash
Gently rub with dish soap to remove the oil applied to prevent rust. After washing, remove the detergent.
2, blow off the water
After draining with a towel etc., let it air dry.
3, oil
When it dries, apply pure oil such as cooking oil or olive oil. Don't forget to apply both the front and back sides.
* Do not use butter, margarine, or other salty foods for break-in. Please use vegetable oil that does not contain salt.