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Chefcase Knife Roll


Temporarily out of stock

Chefcase Knife Roll is a product that consists of a knife roll and a roll pouch in 1 set. This is a new concept of knife bag that can store the favorite knives, kitchen tools and uniforms.

  • Store 5 knives + 1 honing steel + 6 utensils. (fit up to 270mm blade)
  • Built-in blade protector inside the bag, so you don’t need separate blade protectors or edge guards. 
  • An extra space in the roll pouch where you can store uniforms and notes.
  • You can also carry just the knife roll without the roll pouch in your backpack.
  • Waterproof fabric - PU coated fabric keeps your knives safe from wet.
  • High-quality product, made by a veteran engineer with 30 years of experience, using durable and tough 100% high-quality Korean fabric.

Black color available

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