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Daebak Inox Gyuto knife 220mm


Temporarily out of stock

  • Material : INOX
  • HRC : 58 ~ 59
  • Blade : Double edge (60/40)
  • Handle : Ebony wood, Copper
  • Feature : Both handed
  • Blade length : 220mm
  • Knife weight : 205g


    This rust-resistant Inox Gyuto has a double bevel blade. It's perfect for chefs who want an extremely sharp knife but don't want to maintain a carbon steel blade. This reasonably priced, high-quality knife is a good choice for both culinary students and professional chefs.

    This knife is made in the honyaki style, meaning that it is made with one piece of metal. The advantage of this is that you can change the bevel angle by sharpening it to your liking.

    Daebak series is made by a blacksmith Jinseop Kang at Kim's Gongbang in Korea. Each knife is processed by over ten thousand times of hammering. From the start to the end, all process is by 100% hand made.


    ✽ Each knife has little bit different shape and the bolster because it is made by hand.