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Sakai Takayuki 45Layers Damascus Hammered Santoku knife 180mm

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  • Material : Sweden Special Steel
  • HRC : 60
  • Blade : Double edge (50/50)
  • Handle : Magnolia wood, Water buffalo horn bolster
  • Feature : Both handed
  • Blade length : 180mm


    Hand hammered 45 layer Damascus Santoku knife with a Swedish Special Steel core and octagonal handle.
    This knife has a light weight because it is the sharpness of the blade that will slice through effortlessly.
     Since it has a 50/50 bevel angle ratio, it can be used by both right-handed and left-handed chefs. With an HRC of 60, it has impressive edge retention but it is also surprisingly easy to sharpen.


    What is Santoku Knives?

    Santoku is a cross between a Nakiri and Gyuto. It is a multipurpose knife that can cut meat, fish, vegetables and fruit.