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Shun Premier Kiritsuke knife 200mm

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  • Material : VG-MAX
  • HRC : 60 ~ 61
  • Blade : Double edge (50/50)
  • Handle : Contoured walnut-colored PakkaWood®
  • Feature : Both handed
  • Blade length : 200mm


    A multi-purpose knife treasured by Japanese master chefs. Hand-sharpened 16° double-bevel blade (32° comprehensive). Hammered tsuchime finish helps release food easily when cutting. 32 layers each side stainless Damascus cladding.


    What is Kiritsuke?

    In Japan, the kiritsuke is used for all the tasks for which you'd use a chef's knife. Known as the master chef's knife, it offers top cutting performance and versatility.

    Kiritsuke is a hybrid design combining features of Japanese Usuba and Yanagiba. Consequence the kiritsuke is intended as a general purpose knife for use in preparing traditional Japanese cuisine. Many kiritsuke knives retain the single bevel design of the Usuba and Yanagiba so users should be aware of what using and maintaining single bevel knives entails. A number of makers now produce double bevel kiritsukes, often called kiritsuke gyutos.