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Masamoto White#2 Kasumi Yanagiba knife 270mm


Temporarily out of stock

  • Material : Shirogami(White steel #2) : non-stainless
  • HRC : 62
  • Blade : Single edge
  • Handle : Magnolia wood, Water buffalo horn bolster
  • Feature : Right handed
  • Blade length : 270mm


    Masamoto Kasumi Yanagi knives are made of white high carbon steel #2 and soft iron forged together. The carbon steel forms the cutting edge and the soft iron forms the blade’s body and spine.  The Kasumi knives are easier to sharpen and hold their edge very well.



    What is Kasumi Knives?

     Kasumi knives are made from two materials by joining a piece of soft iron (Jigane) with a piece of high-carbon steel; the carbon steel forms the blade’s edge, and the soft iron forms the body and spine of the blade. Some people call Kasumi “awase” (which literally means ‘to combine).


    ✽ Each knife has different color of the bolster because it is from all natural.