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Sakai Takayuki VG10 33Layers Damascus Hammered Santoku knife 180mm

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Temporarily out of stock

  • Material : VG10
  • HRC : 61
  • Blade : Double edge (50/50)
  • Handle : Mahogany wood
  • Feature : Both handed
  • Blade length : 180mm


This knife is made with a VG10 core, and hammered to produce a 33 layer damascus pattern. VG10 is one of the best stain resistant steels used for blades, and this knife has an excellent cutting edge as well as edge retention.

Each knife is carefully finished by the craftsmen of Sakai Takayuki so you can rest assured that the knife will perform right out of the box.


What is Santoku Knives?

Santoku is a cross between a Nakiri and Gyuto. It is a multipurpose knife that can cut meat, fish, vegetables and fruit.